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Description of the different exhibition rooms Version Française

Three permanent exhibition rooms are open for visitors all year round


manufacture @Yves Véron1. The room dedicated to the Manufacture of Samadet

 Dedicated to the history of the Manufacture of Samadet, the room presents the technical aspects of the faience making process as well as the decor processes. The Manufacture opened in 1732 and produced faiences until 1840. 

2. The room displaying the Faiences of Samadet

salle Des Faiences@Yves VéronMore than 300 pieces of faiences of Samadet are on display here in a chronological and topical order. Various motifs can be seen such as the Thistle, the Rose, the Peony and other moulded items with exceptional shapes.

3. The room dedicated to Fine dining and Tableware Arts 

art De La Table@Yves Véron The visitor is greeted by five tables set up according to each century from  the Middle-Ages to the 20th. There are also relevant video clips and  displays where visitors can experiment with various smells and travel  through time on a gastronomy journey.
 Also, there is a faience making demonstration executed by the voluntary  workers of the “Comité de la Faïencerie” to complement your visit.

Last but not least, every year from February to October, the Museum  proposes a Temporary Exhibition  on a  different  topic  each year. You  are invited to discover exceptional items that usually are not on display f or the public or that National Museums lend for the very purpose.

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