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The piece ( or 'biscuit (Pièce de terre non émaillée n'ayant subi qu'une seule cuisson) ' that has been fired once already) is dipped in a tub filled with an enamel solution in order to glaze it. This is called  “glazing by dipping”. Having been glazed all over,  the item is removed from the tub.

Once the glazed item has dried,  a stencil is applied to it . Then the outline of the decor is made using a tissue filled with carbon powder to pat the surface of the item. The contour appears in the shape of  a dotted line.

The contour of the decor is finalized  with a thin line and the colours are filled in. Once the décor has been done, the item is placed on spurs and fired in a kiln for 24 hours. We say that the  item is 'glost fired'.

This is the end of the firing process. The potter checks the item up to see if it is ok.

Special thanks to Madame Cathy BLANC from  “Terres et Faïences” in Cazères-sur-Adour  for her collaboration to the  making of this video clip.