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The faïences of Samadet Version Française

Assiette à la rose et à l'oeillet stylisée

 The Royal Manufacture of Samadet has produced faïences  (earthenware artefacts) for more than a century with various decors.

The Blue  monochromes were being produced during  the lifetime of the manufacture. With regard to other decors, some were more successful than others but all took their influence from other manufactures, for their designs and colour schemes. But the dove pattern (here known as ‘palombe’) as well as the ‘manganese’ (mauve) “petite rose” are typical of and exclusive to Samadet.

The faïences  produced by the Royal Manufacture of Samadet are part of the old collection of the Museum.But every year, the Conseil General des Landes (Council of Landes District), buys new artefacts in order to complete its collection.

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Terrine blanche     Plat camaïeu bleu, décor au chardon     Assiette, décor aux personnages  
          1732-1831                                                  1732-1815                                            1760-1790 

Plat à barbe, décor aux rosesPlat aux anses feuillagées , fond jaune, décor aux bouquets  Assiette, décor petit feu à la tulipe et à la rose  
              1775-1815                                             1775-1785                                                1780-1788

                                  paire de pichets, décor à la renoncule bleue   Double salière, camaïeu bleu
                                                 1790 -1831                                                  1732-1831